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Understanding Your Target Audience

Understanding your SEO target audience

Sooner rather than later, a blogger and/or small business owner seeking to grow their website presence should determine their desired audience.

Without a clear picture of an ideal client or target market, it will be considerably more difficult to start keyword research for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

Knowing the goals of your website is imperative to hone in on your target audience. What are you trying to communicate? Who are you trying to reach, impress, sell to?

Break out a notepad and pen and jot down short- and long-term goals for your online platform because goals help determine your target audience, which is intrinsically linked to all-important keywords.

Keywords are phrases people type into Google and anticipating what your audience will be tying in during searches is the objective to being located and ultimately growing your online presence.

Here’s a hint about determining your target audience: Picture in your mind who would be interested in your goals and identify information such as gender, age, interests, hobbies, and is your business location specific. But don’t solely rely on demographics because it produces a narrow target that might not represent your brand’s most sought-after audience.

In addition to determining your target audience, identify similar brands, blogs or businesses that you aspire to parallel. It will help unearth where you might need to improve.

In understanding and executing best SEO practices for your website or blog, it’s crucial to determine your desired audience. You can gain more information to assist you on the path to developing and growing your online presence.

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